Donna M. Byrne

Donna Byrne is good at explaining how taxes work, and she likes to help.
She was a professor of law for 23 years, and holds the title of Emerita Professor of Law at Mitchell Hamline School of Law in St. Paul, MN.  (That just means that even though she left, they still like her.  She continues to teach in their hybrid online program.) She has prepared taxes for individuals and businesses, estates and trusts. She has taught tax theory as well as tax preparation. She knows tax from inside and out.

She has credentials too. She is
an Oregon Licensed Tax Consultant, an IRS Enrolled Agent, and a member of the Oregon Bar admitted to practice in Oregon.

Friendly and


Ash Creek Tax Counseling
Donna m. Byrne, Attorney
 (503) 765-8686
​Located at INDY Commons  in downtown Independence, Oregon