Let a former professor help you.  Donna is an IRS Enrolled Agent and an Oregon Licensed Tax Consultant.  She has prepared taxes for small businesses, estates, trusts, and individuals of all income levels,  and has taught tax law and theory for over two decades.

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Donna M. Byrne

​​Former tax law professor

Tax preparation -- 1040, Sch C, ITIN, EIC

Wills & Trusts

Estate planning, tax planning

Probate -- Estate administration


Se habla impuestos.  Taxes spoken here.


As an attorney, Donna specializes in Wills, Trusts, Estate Planning (with or without tax issues), and Probate Administration.  She has taught Estates and Trusts for nearly two decades, and her goal is to give you peace of mind by making sure you get what you want and understand your choices.

Oregon LTC# 907103

Oregon licensed attorney

Ash Creek Tax Counseling
Donna m. Byrne, Attorney
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